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Last updated: 02 July 2020

On 02 July 2020 I made it so that scoring doesn't start until player makes a proper movement (i.e. left or right arrow key). Also change some data types. Version now 4.0.0.

On 24 August 2019 I fixed some bugs in the game (undefinedness which could lead to problems depending on the compiler). Version is now 3.0.1.

Original text here: I had shown this game to a long time mate many years ago (the history started in the last quarter of 2003) and the other day (in fact 22 April 2019 - which funnily enough 5 years ago to that day I had worked on the previous version) he requested to see it again. I told him that last I knew there was a bug and it was also ugly ugly code and I wasn't okay releasing it. As it happens I would argue it is still rather ugly but it's a lot better now. You can download the tarball here.

It is extremely unlikely that there will be any further update as I don't think there is anything to add. This game is in the public domain and all I ask is that if you do make use of it please keep everything as is (at least the documentation etc.). If you do however make changes or improvements please link back to this page. That's just a matter of respect and appreciation and that's why I even have it public: for others to enjoy and appreciate whether or not anyone besides my long time mate.

This game is very very basic and the description/object of the game is even more basic. However the history is more interesting but for that see the HISTORY file. For compiling see the file COMPILING (there is one #define you can pass to the compiler). The object is thus:

The game prints out five evenly spaced arrows in the centre of the screen. The idea is that the player has up to DELAY seconds to use their left or right arrow key depending on the direction the middle arrow is facing. Uses non-blocking I/O and if after DELAY seconds there is still no input the game will proceed; in this case the score stays the same but the loops counter is increased (ironically decreasing the total score at the end! :). Hit 'q' to quit the game at which point your score (out of total loops) will be printed along with the percentage you got correct.